West Java Also Participates in Enlivening the Asian Games with These Two Venues

The biggest sporting event, this year’s Asian Games will be held in Indonesia soon. So, the preparation is clearly done carefully and well. So, to find out more about the Asian Games in Indonesia you can visit Venue ASIAN Games 2018. This year Indonesia was indeed chosen after Vietnam resigned.

The two cities chosen to hold the Asian Games are Jakarta and Palembang. Not only that, there are also a number of venues spread across the West Java region, like these two venues.

1. Patriot Candrabaga Stadium
Continue to the venue of the 2018 Asian Games in West Java, namely in Bogor, there is the Patriot Candrabaga Stadium which will also host the 2018 Asian Games football match.

2. Wibawa Mukti Stadium Cikarang
Wibawa Mukti Cikarang Stadium is also often referred to as Bekasi Regency Main Stadium. The stadium that will be the home for the Group D football team at the 2018 Asian Games has been beautified to welcome the 2018 Asian Games.

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