Wedding photography tips for a crowded and tight venue

At a wedding event, of course, we will find a situation where many people are competing to capture this important moment. The location of the location is not so wide also sometimes become another obstacle that makes it difficult for us to take wedding photos, whereas we need enough space to take the best wedding photos. Of course, we do not want in the wedding photos we take, there is a background that is not in want. Some tips for dealing with “impromptu photographers” and narrow spaces when taking wedding photos for the sake of a high-quality and reputable wedding photography result.

Introduce yourself, that you are the main photographer

Only by carrying a camera or the same uniform, sometimes it is not enough to explain that you are the main photographer assigned to take wedding photos. Need to do self-introduction with Both bride, and her extended family. That way they will understand your duty and responsibility to capture the best moment in a marriage and will provide more space for the main photographer.

Coordinate with Family bride or WO

After we introduce ourselves to the bride and family, we need to coordinate what we will need during the wedding photo taking process. It is also important to discuss how many people will take photos outside the main photographer during the wedding, how wide is the location. It helps us to prepare a “War Strategy” for taking photos of weddings.

Communicate well, if your space is taken by the “Impromptu photographers”

Is there an impromptu photographer who suddenly takes your land and covers the frame you have planned? Do not take risky steps, just communicate well to get good wedding photos together. Sharing space with other photographers also includes one strategy to get good photos without the hassles of things you do not want.

Photographers must be Multifunctional

A wedding photographer is very on the lead creativity in the field, we certainly do not want the unfortunate composition of our wedding photos. With a narrow space, and the number of people around the event forces us to work more creatively. Arrange the composition that allows your wedding photo to look perfect, if there is to be reset to do with the creativity you have.

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