These Two Countries Become Vapor-Liquid Producing Countries With Many Flavors

When many people change their use of roko from tobacco cigarettes to electronic cigarettes or commonly called vape. So, there will also be a growing number of vape businesses in several countries. In fact, more and more people turn wax into e liquid,it will make the liquid business also grow.

There are several countries that are considered the best liquid vape producing countries.

– Indonesia
Liquid from Indonesia has many flavors and its own brand that can be chosen by lovers of electronic cigarettes from just one taste or can be mixed to have a different flavor than others.

– Malaysia
Just like Indonesia, this liquid from Malaysia has many types and also the price is still very affordable and not much different from liquid from Indonesia. Malaysia produces various liquid flavors with many variations such as liquid Hang out, Cloud Niners, Weasel, and many others. Liquid from Malaysia is also very easy to find in the Indonesian market if e-cigarette lovers in Indonesia want to try.

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