The suitable lenses for a wedding photography

Zoom lens (70-200 mm) f / 2.8.

The perfect lens for the first wedding photo is the Zoom lens. Not without reason, this lens is suitable for photographing a wedding. Because the size of this lens is large enough to produce sharp images at all the focus distance. Not only that, the effect of a beautiful bokeh (blur) was able to be produced from this lens, especially at a distance of 200 mm. With the lens, then this lens was so comfortable used by the photographers to take pictures in a considerable distance and also can produce candid photo captivate. Photographers can be more resistant to holding this lens for long periods of time thanks to a built-in lens-collar (lens collar). Meanwhile, perhaps you need to check out the excellent wedding photographers Louisville Ohio as well.

A prime lens (85 mm).

In addition to the Zoom lens above, Prime lens (85 mm) is also a suitable lens for wedding photos and often a favorite wedding photographer. This lens also offers many benefits as a fixed lens, including the ability to zoom in and zoom out as desired, clear and sharp images, charming background, reliable when used in low light conditions, accurate, best tone results, and has a sensitivity good light. Overall, this lens is the best choice for you who want to perpetuate the wedding party. Having a small size and faster performance, this lens is also reliable. This lens is also appropriate to complement the Nikon D-700 camera.

Ultra Wide-Angle Lens (24-70 mm f / 2.8).

The ultra wide-angle lens is also one of the perfect lenses for wedding photos because it captures the vast view of the location, the candid photo of many people, when decorating or detailing, etc. that require a long range of focus. By offering such long focal distances, this lens is not suitable for portrait photographs. The best range is the distance of 50-70 mm to produce a perfect shot.

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