The Importance of Teeth and Mouth Regular Check-up

The Brit Phillips DDS can help you get the right dental care for your regular needs. It might still be strange to hear dental and oral health check-ups. Because usually what is commonly done is heart checkup, blood sugar, cholesterol, and others. In fact, the teeth also need to be routinely checked by the dentist at least every 6 months. Oral and dental health is very important for our overall health. Because as we know the mouth is the gate, where all kinds of food and drinks will enter through the mouth and be chewed by teeth and felt with the tongue.

Can we imagine if our teeth are unhealthy, causing discomfort, pain, or pain while enjoying a delicious meal? Unhealthy teeth and mouth can also trigger other systemic diseases. Sometimes we like to ask why are our faces so extravagant, the face looks old, faces look older and don’t match age? This could be the reason for the many teeth that are toothless so that the composition of the teeth is incomplete or perfect.

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