The fun dinosaur games that you can play on Smartphones

The first time you play the Dinosaur War game, gamers will be taken to a horror and tense atmosphere like the one in Jurassic Park. As for the Dinosaur War game, gamers play by arranging Dinosaur troops that are prepared to fight, you will play to fight over territory with the Dinosaur group. On the other hand, you may go to Online Games is one website and check out the tips and reviews of many games, while you may also get the big fish casino free chips promo code.

Like most war strategy games, gamers will later build buildings and also collect resources to buy various weapons for the Dinosaur forces. To be able to survive the battle of Dinosaurs, then you must maintain the stability of the resources you have, because if you run out of resources, then your defense becomes weakened.

You can also collect as many points as possible to later be used to upgrade weapons to be stronger.

Carnivores Dinosaur Hunter HD game (Android)

Carnivores Dinosaur Hunter game brings the first person point of view, in the game in it you do not merely shoot the enemies of Dinosaurs, but also have to explore each area, and must be aware of the presence of dinosaurs that are very large and strong.

What’s interesting about this Carnivores Dinosaur Hunter game is that you need tactics to hunt Dinosaurs, it’s because the dinosaurs you face are not just roaring and eating prey, besides being very fierce are also very smart, have visual acuity and hearing, and also very sensitive high in human presence.

Dino Hunter Game: Deadly Shores (Android)

At the beginning of the game Dino Hunter: Deadly Shores, there are tutorials that you can run, to learn the controls and gameplay of the game. Your space in the “Dino Hunter: Deadly Shores” game is very limited, where you can only move right and left, and find the right position to shoot. With a shot that hit the target, you get points that can be used to buy or upgrade weapons.

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