Practice is necessary for learning English grammar

The method of learning English grammar that is very effective is by practicing the grammar in your day-to-day English writing and conversation. Yes, we often hear this sentence: ‘Practice makes perfect’. That is true because, with practice, you can know what skills you have learned in a theory. Meanwhile, you may visit to take the English test to get the UK visa.

The theory without practice is nonsense, so, after so many things here are explained about tips on easy to master grammar, of course all will be useless if you don’t practice it.

So, how do you practice it?

Think: Practice remembering the structure that you learned in the theory of grammar.

Write Down: Practice writing and making sentence after sentence using good grammar.

Talk: Practice saying the sentence you wrote earlier. If necessary, you can record it for later, then you will listen again so that later you can make corrections for which part you have to fix.

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