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Although the electric bike has a handlebar to pedal when the battery runs out, still the electric bike with the farthest mileage is the choice. Indeed if you buy an electric bike that the power of the batteries can travel over 50 km will cost a bit expensive. This is because the battery component is very crucial. Meanwhile, perhaps you also want to check out the recommended escooter.

The power of the battery will differentiate the price segment of an electric bike, although there are other considerations in the price of an electric bike. But why buy expensive electric bikes, if only able to cover a few kilometers, of course, this is not effective. In fact, it should be better than pedaling a bike.

Check the availability of electrical bicycle spare parts

Although many can assemble a bicycle into an electric bike, usually looks still stiff. Manufactured or branded electric bicycles, usually still imported. So often constrained in spare parts, when there is damage in the electric bike components.

Although the components of electric bikes are not too much, only batteries or batteries, dynamo, power motors and some other components. But still, the availability of spare parts becomes very important. Usually, batteries or batteries very often become the main component of rapidly damaged. This means that batteries or batteries can no longer discharge, so it must be replaced with a new one.

If you like an electric bike model and want to buy it, then check first the availability of all its components. Do not let the electric bike that has been purchased just become a regular bicycle control. Make sure the components are present and at an economic price or not too expensive.

Choose a brand that is well known

Currently many brands of electric bicycles that you can buy, but not all of the same quality. Usually, there is a difference in battery power or battery, which will determine the power of the electric bike. Well-known brands are usually of good quality, and the availability of spare parts is guaranteed.

You can check with a friend or relative who has ever bought an electric bike, then compare the quality with others. Choose a brand that is already embedded in the hearts of electric bicycle enthusiasts.

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