Choose the Fitness Program Based on Your Body Shape

Well, the need to do physical exercise in accordance with the posture should be an important thing that you consider even before deciding to chooseoriginal bootcamp. In addition to getting the ideal body, the suitability of exercise with posture can avoid injury. Choose the sports that fit the anatomy of the body to exercise that is effective and support the diet being undertaken.

According to him, basically the type of human posture there are three, namely ectomorph (thin), endomorph (easy to add fat), and mesomorph (mediocre). The ectomorph type is generally tall, the limbs are small, and have little access to excess fat. People with this type often complain about fitness exercises that actually make the body thinner. Though the type of fitness exercise has an important role.

Basically, fitness training is not just for burning fat, but also for flexibility and strength training. Those who enter the type ectomorph, Henry warned, should emphasize physical activity with strength training that will increase muscle volume.

As for people of the type endomorph, he said, it is very difficult to build muscle and most of these postures are owned by women. In many cases, these people only consider the importance of abdominal exercises and do not train other body parts. In fact, by training the feet to become strong, the fat will burn effectively.

The last type, which is rated as the most beneficial, is the mesomorph body type. The muscles of these factions are easy to form and the volume is easily maintained. This type of postural is also easy to remove fat.

After knowing the postural type of the body, people who want to have ideal posture should pay attention to the five components of physical exercise, ie cardiovascular fitness or exercise to improve the ability of the heart and lungs in supplying oxygen to the muscles. Then, muscular endurance, which is a repetition exercise several times the contraction in muscles that are useful to prevent the risk of fatigue by prolonging the length of muscle contraction. There is also muscular strength, an exercise to increase muscle strength performed through a single contraction. This exercise should be coupled with flexibility training, which is done by training the range that can be achieved by certain joints.

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